Capture 2Free Workshop on Biomass Measurements in Process Analytical Technology

June 8, 2016, Worcester, Massachusetts

Join our workshop and learn from experts about 3 technologies for measuring biomass online. The workshop will include several case studies as well as hands-on demonstration with the featured instruments measuring live cultures.



Dr. Michael Butler, Professor, University of Manitoba

Measurements of cell density as well as viability are essential for ensuring high and consistent protein productivity in bioprocesses. Several methods are available to monitor the growth of mammalian cells in culture. This presentation will describe the principles behind 5 of these:- particle counting, image analysis, in situ capacitance measurement, fluorescence-based flow cytometry and dielectrophoretic cytometry (DEP). Any of these methods can be been used to monitor the progress of a culture of mammalian cells. Each method provides a different profile which can be used to decipher the changing viability and metabolism of the cells during the production process. The value of each method will be discussed in relation to the production of monoclonal antibodies from Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.  

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We will be attending several conferences and exhibitions during 2016, and we would like to say hello! Please visit our booth at any opportunity to connect, learn more about solutions for your bioprocess, and see what new developments are on the horizon!

  • BPI West, March 14-17, Oakland, California
  • Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals, April 25-18, Baltimore, Maryland
  • ISSCR Annual Meeting, June 22-25, San Francisco, California
  • SIM Annual Meeting, July 24-28, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • BPI Annual Meeting, October 4-7, Boston, Massachusetts
  • CCRM Workshop, October 24-26, Whistler, British Columbia


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