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24 complete bioreactors in the palm of your hand! Learn more...

Watch the video: "Technical Hurdles of Micro-Bioreactors"

Micro-scale bioreactors are attractive screening tools, but process control on a small scale in many parallel vessels presents challenges. In this free webinar, Applikon's bioprocessing experts will explain how the micro-Matrix's gassing, liquid delivery, and advanced software enable process control in 24 individual wells.

You can watch a recording of our recent webinar on the micro-Matrix product page.

For more information about these programs or about the micro-Matrix, please contact us

Bioprocessing for Discovery, Development, and Production

Applikon Biotechnology is a world leader in advanced bioreactor systems used in discovery research, process development, and production scales. We are the only company that is with you every step of the way from initial screening up to full-scale bioprocessing - all using the same platform.

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